Spice up your blogger blog with emoticons for comment

Blogger is the best free blogging service on the internet. If you are a Blogger fan, you can make your blog more impressive and beautiful by using emoticons for comment. Just like Yahoo emoticons, it will display some funny smiley emoticons when your visitors type some special characters in their comments. To add these smiley [...]

Your website favicon does not work on IE?

Some friends sent me emails saying that they can’t make their website favicons work on IE browser but they work fine on Firefox and others. I know this is a common problem of new bloggers when starting a website. This is the main reason I create this post and hope it can be something helpful [...]

Build your subscriber list free with ViperBar

Mailing list is the important key to succeed in email marketing. Most of professional internet marketers have been working hard to build their mailing list. Subscriber list is money, the more subscribers you have, the higher income you will receive. Many people are trying to buy as many mailing lists as possible for their email [...]

How to remove YouTube logo from YouTube embedded videos?

The embedded videos from YouTube will show the YouTube logo in their control bars. For some reasons many people want to remove this logo from their videos. The embedded videos with and without the YouTube logo look like below. If you want to remove the YouTube logo from a video, you can do it easily. [...]

Don’t forget the Update Services of WordPress

WordPress has a great feature called Update Services that can help you ping blog directories, social media sites and search engines when your blog has new updates. This feature is very helpful but some bloggers don’t pay much attention to it. “WordPress automatically notifies popular Update Services that you’ve updated your blog by sending a [...]