Technorati Media sold AdEngage to a new owner

Today I receive an email from AdEngage to inform that their network has been sold by its current owners, Technorati Media. And it will be restarted in mid May 2011. They do not tell the name of the new owner but this is happy news to AdEngage’s customers. This is the email from them: “We [...]

Adsmarket, Xtend Media and Matomy unified under one branch Matomy Media Group

If you are an affiliate, may be you know the company name Adsmarket. If you don’t, you will know it after reading this post :). Adsmarket now becomes a big and strong guy with the unification of Adsmarket, Xtend Media and Matomy. From April 2010, Adsmarket is known as Matomy Media Group. Adsmarket is an [...]

Ways to earn money with an adult website

This post will mention some basic ideas to help you make money with your adult website. I hope this post is helpful for webmasters who begin to build an adult site but don’t know how to generate income from it. Here I am going to tell you some ways to make money with an adult [...]

PPC ad network better than Adsense

Are you searching for a PPC network which is better than Google Adsense? Many people are doing the same thing like you. There are many reasons to find an Adsense alternative network. The most popular reason that really hurts is they were banned from Adsense program. There are also other reasons: they can not get [...]

JuicyAds the adult marketplace for webmasters and advertisers

JuicyAds is an adult advertising marketplace for publishers to sell ads and earn money, as well as for advertisers looking to buy traffic. The whole system of JuicyAds is very good. It is very easy to use their website. It is amazing. They make it easy to add a website to their system, to create [...]