How to hide and unhide recent activities on your Facebook profile?

When you write comment on a friend’s photo or have a new friend, Facebook will display these activities on your profile’s wall. Facebook uses the “RECENT ACTIVITY” to display all of the recent activities you did including writing comment on a photo or a link, posting something on a friend’s wall, joining a fan page, [...]

An easy way to download any Facebook photo album

Yesterday I saw a friend downloading photos from a Facebook album by opening each photo and saving it to her computer. I asked her why she didn’t download the album at once. She was so surprised and asked me how to do that. Then I showed her how to download her album easily. Today I [...]

How to delete/remove Facebook friends?

A lot of friends who are not skilled at using computer ask me how to delete friends from their Facebook friendlist. Actually it’s difficult to find how to delete/remove a friend from your friendlist. We all have the habit managing an account information in our profile homepage. But in Facebook, we can’t do that. You [...]

An easy way to add Facebook Like button to your website

You see many people having Facebook Like button on their websites. You want to have it on your site too but you hesitate to face with coding, html or many complicated steps. There is an easy way to add Facebook Like button to your website without spending so much time on it. I’m talking about [...]