Photoscape free and good photo editor

I have some photos that I took in my vacation a week ago. I need to do some editing with them. I intend to use Photoshop to do that. But after thinking about what I am going to do with my photos, I change my mind. I only want to do some simple editing and [...]

Compare the differences between two files

Today I have to fix some of my PHP scripts. The scripts folder is in a mess. I have many versions of a script but I don’t know which is the lasted version. I need a tool to compare contents of some specific files so I can choose which file to use. And I found [...]

How to auto replace a part of file names

I have many mp3 files of a favorite singer in my music folder. The problem is that the mp3 names begin with the singer’s name. This leads to many disadvantages in finding a song. You can’t use the keyboard to locate the song because all the names start with a same letter. I want to [...]

Split your file with the fastest file splitter and joiner

You want to split your large video to small parts to send to your friends. You need a tool to join split parts of a file you’ve just downloaded from the internet. The Fastest File Splitter and Joiner (FFSJ) is a useful tool for your choice. FFSJ is a small but useful tool developed by [...]