Factors affect your website Pagerank

Pagerank is a general indicator of how popular your site is and the quality of content on the site. If you see a website with a high pagerank, it means the site has high-quality content and many people love to visit it. Google considers a high pagerank as an authority site. The higher pagerank your [...]

DoFollow, NoFollow and blog comment backlinks

Blog commenting is one of the effective ways in SEO to get backlinks to your blog. You can see how to get backlinks from blog comments effectively to get helpful information. In this post, I’m going to talk about the DoFollow and NoFollow attributes of a link. You should check these attributes when putting comments [...]

How to get backlinks from blog comments effectively?

Blog commenting and forum posting are probably the best free ways to drive traffic to your site. Many people do blog commenting everyday to marketing their sites. They are building backlinks for their blogs. Blog commenting actually drives traffic to your site. But you shouldn’t pay much attention on traffic. There may be more value [...]

How to get your site indexed by Google easily?

Google is a important traffic source for a website. It brings both new and old visitors to your site. When you create a new site, you always want your site to be indexed by Google rapidly. How to do that? Below are some simple things you should do to get your new site indexed by [...]